Imagine a future where designing for inclusion is a priority for design teams and human needs inform the decisions we make.

To build towards that future, I focus on bringing a depth of understanding to the great responsibility and influence that designers have on customers, societies, and the natural world.


Interaction Designer: Previously, I've helped consulting firms, advertising agencies, and various companies deliver large-scale projects from product/service design, to branding campaigns, to user acquisition strategy, and off-screen experiences. Specialties include: systems design, UX/creative strategy, user research, and design ethics. My background is in business and project management. 

Writer: My writing is geared towards helping teams map out the complexities of social and organizational challenges. I attempt to frame compelling ideas inspired by empirical research combined with science and myth. You may find my writing on Medium or my thesis blog.

Adjunct Professor: I am currently an Adjunct Professor teaching a UX Portfolio course at New York University. Previously, students in my class research, strategize, wireframe, prototype, and test their digital products with with real customers. Finally, they build a case study of the project that showcases the process and skills acquired. Check out my teaching philosophy here.



A Kentucky native, I enlisted in the Army and quickly rose through the ranks to sergeant. After deploying twice, and making many successful jumps with the 82nd Airborne Division, I left the military to earn my Business Management degree at St. John’s University. During my undergrad career, I started a small creative studio and began designing customer experiences. I am dedicated to crafting memorable experiences and pushing imaginative ideas to their highest potential.  Interests include: Javascript, Improv, Yoga, and Storytelling.

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Honors include:





  • Facilitator: Ashoka and Catapult Ideas Design sprint workshop