In 2005, Good Todo was first productivity app to market. Since its launch, it has helped thousands of people organize their daily lives. In summer 2015, I came onboard as a summer intern with Creative Good to conduct research and design a responsive site that communicates the value of Good Todo and encourages customers to sign-up for a monthly subscription. 


Project Description

This full project was completed over a three-month period. I started by doing a comprehensive competitive analysis of the entire productivity app landscape. Then I conducted listening labs non-users to gain an outside perception of the existing site and its perceived value. Lastly, I iterated on wireframe concepts and designed the final web assets for development.



My Role

My role was an ongoing collaboration with the Company CEO, Mark Hurst, and key members from the Creative Good team in an effort to open the acquisition funnel to attract more users to sign up for the subscription offerings.



Discovery phase, Key stakeholder interviews, Listening Lab/User Testing, Audit of existing site, Competitive Analysis, Identification of Deficiencies. Content strategy, Information architecture, User Flow, Website design. Development of funnels for: User Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue.



Competitive Analysis

I conducted a competitive analysis on the entire productivity app landscape – a few select companies and process photos are below. During this phase, I assessed website functionality, value perception, and actual value to customers.  

These findings were presented in Keynote – the high-level recommendations were to streamline the sign-up process, highlight the sign-up buttons, and use space to foster the idea of simplicity. These findings and recommendations went on to inform the initial wireframe sketches. 


Interviews and Insights

We set aside an entire day to conduct listening labs with non-users. The goal was to first understand their attitudes and behaviors around their organization level and views of productivity apps. These focused interviews drove depth into our design process. We learned about how non-users manage their email, perceive Good Todo as a brand/product, and how they achieve basic tasks on the site. 

I consulted with Mark on how current users view the site. We looked into real use cases of people who find Good Todo useful and what specifically makes it valuable to them. I also looked at available online reviews of Good Todo to better understand customer pain points.  

I created the discussion guide and ran onsite / offsite interviews. The results validated the product personas and helped us identify key points to focus on for the design phase. 

Previous Website Screenshots

Previous Website Screenshots


Research Findings

The interview notes were synthesized and broken down to hypotheses for potential solutions. This allowed us to visualize the service gaps and match them to new design tactics. Below, we identified three different inefficiencies, that if addressed, would communicate the value of Good Todo more effectively and encourage customers to sign up. The key user pain points were:

  • Low Visibility of Key Functionality
  • Visual Experience
  • Tone of Copy

Design Execution & Validation

After gaining a sufficient amount of insights about customers and the competition, I began to sketch out wireframe ideas. After multiple iterations, the team collectively agreed on the layout that would best suit customer needs.

The first iteration was on paper, then moving on to digital wireframes to present for walkthrough and brainstorming meetings. which I could use to garner feedback from our users. The first iterations were low fidelity so the team could focus on critiquing functionality over visual aesthetic. 

The final designs provide a simple, smart, and succinct value proposition of the core functionality of the Good Todo mobile application. For the final phase, I was able to elevate the Good Todo brand through visual design, branding, and copywriting.


A testimonial from Mark Hurst: 

"James Vanié was a real asset at Creative Good during his summer internship. He led the redesign of an important site in the Creative Good portfolio of projects - including competitive review, direct user research, and several design iterations. It was a pleasure working with someone with such a friendly, genuine personality and we were sorry when the internship ended. I'd recommend James to any team looking for design and user experience talent."


Project Details 

Tasks: User Research, Competitive Analysis, Listening Labs, UX/UI Design
Company: Creative Good
Team: Mark Hurst, James Vanié, Dev Team
Company: Creative Good
Live site:





Project Deliverables

• Mobile app Audit Findings Deck
• Listening labs, Conclusions, and Findings
• Competitive Analysis findings deck
• User Acquisition research and recommendations  
• Activation research and recommendations
• Retention research and recommendations
• Referral research and recommendations  
• Revenue research and recommendations
• Design and functionality recommendations proposal deck
• Final designs and assets (Responsive website, mobile, and tablet)