I spent the summer of 2016 with SYPartners as an Experience Design Associate. For the three months, I collaborated with designers and developers across the Leadfully and Unstuck product teams. As an experience designer, I was responsible for all elements of the design process, from ideation, to wire framing, to writing copy, to high-fidelity designs.



Tasks: UX/UI, Systems, Product, Web, User Research, Strategy
Company: SYPartners




• Notifications, sign-up, and payment flows
• Journey maps
• Wire frames
• Functional specifications
• Interview synthesis findings
• Email designs and banner ads
• Responsive web and mobile designs

Facilitating a workshop on user acquisition and engagement with the Unstuck product team

Facilitating a workshop on user acquisition and engagement with the Unstuck product team



Life Courses are bite-sized online courses that help individuals work through a range of personal and professional problems they may be going through.

When I started, the team was in the very beginning stages of re-designing the Unstuck offerings. Through diagramming, sketches, and prototyping, I designed the notifications, sign-up, and payment flows for the beta launch of Unstuck Life Courses. 


Mapping the notifications experience

First, I mapped the journey from sign up, through the course parts to identify all possible notifications and help the content team empathize with the customer throughout the journey. I considered the emotional touch points as well as a recommended sentiment for the messaging. We reviewed the journey as a team and began working with the broader team to align the notifications content strategy to the brand tone.


Mapping out the notifications and emotional journey of the Life Courses


Once we had mapped the notifications to the proper screens, we began to think about the feasibility and functionality of the notifications . I identified which ones could be sent via email and which would happen through the application. In collaboration with the dev team, we identified the triggers and specifications to build a functional system. While we ended up going with Mail Chimp, this was a step toward designing a completely custom notifications system.


Designing the back end system specifications for what types of notifications we would use


From there, I began mapping out the different entry points to land on the app: Unstuck website, banner advertisements, social media, etc. I considered how much information the person might have before arriving to the site — this informed the content strategy for the login and sign-up screens.


First iteration of registration flow


I used these diagrams to bring the entire team around the flow and functionality of the payment and registration journeys. From development, to QA, to content, and the marketing department, the diagrams helped us align out the logical flow before writing content or adding visual design. As you can see below, it we made many iterations along the way. 


defining the LEADFULLY product experience


One of Leadfully’s latest offerings was Leadfully Advising, a one-on-one leadership development program available to individuals and organizations. At the time, we were beginning to run the initial beta version with our first Advisees and Advisors. I helped define the touch points for the application and submission process for Leadfully Advisors and Advisees. I also designed web pages on various sections of the site. 

Leadfully Advising page. 

Leadfully Advising page. 



During the first beta session of Leadfully Advising, I synthesized the interviews and user feedback to provide an analysis of the Advising Beta private interviews. Interviews were conducted interviews with six Advisors and five Advisees. The Advisors and Advisees were interviewed after taking part in the 5-week private introduction of Leadfully Advising. 


The work started on a large excel sheet and ended as a comprehensive journey that would be shared with potential Advisors to inform them of what to expect during the application process.

After the beta version, I helped the team uncover insights and themes from the retrospective interviews that were conducted with both Advisors and Advisees. 

The research synthesis goals were to:

  1. Better understand the emotional journey of the Advisor and Advisee throughout the process.
  2. Identify themes and areas of improvement throughout the phases for both the Advising and Advisor journeys.
  3. Identify the top insights from the phone interviews.

Insights emerged around the On-boarding, Matching, Scheduling, and Session areas. The insights were used by the team to improve the product experience for Leadfully Advising. 



At the end of the summer, we launched Life Courses and Leadfully Advising. It was truly gratifying to have my fingerprints on nearly every aspect of the product. In between the larger projects that I took ownership of, I designed many banner ads, in-course screens, notification, and promotional emails.

I also collaborated with strategists and designers on a pro-bono project with Global Health Corps to design a better experience for the GHC Fellow's journey.